Does Music Count as Media?

Because if it does, here’s some more media consumption for you.

My boyfriend in high school had parents who always had music (or, occasionally NPR) playing in their house; my parents had similar habits and I took that as a sign that we were destined to end up together. I imagined us living in a house with music as the constant background to our lives. Well, he and I will both have music in our home, we’ll just be in separate homes. Luckily, D also greatly enjoys listening to music (that sounds silly; like, who doesn’t? But some people appreciate it less than others; we’re big appreciators. You know what I mean?) and we’ve added to each other’s collections.

Some good listens as of late:
-Jack White’s new album, ‘Lazaretto’ is playing right now (D put it on, he gets credit for ‘discovering’) and is all sorts of amazing. The lyrics are wise, the music is both rowdy and sentimental. If you like The White Stripes, you’ll like this better.

-Ingrid Michaelson. The high school boyfriend mentioned above actually got married a few weeks ago, and at the wedding, he played guitar and his new wife sang ‘The Way I Am’ with her beautiful voice, and it was very romantic. They’re both musicians and actually met when they were in a band together five years ago. Adorable. And now I can’t get that song – and also ‘You and I’ – out of my head.

-Dixie Chicks. Don’t hate! Their Taking the Long Way album is awesome. D and I were talking about the void of female bands and that led to me bringing back this old favorite. (And also, ‘Lullaby’ would make a great wedding song and an even better song to play for babies.)

-The Growlers, ‘Big Toe’: D introduced me to The Growlers last year and we saw them in Portland in September. His brother, F, is also a big fan and covers some of their songs almost better than I like The Growlers version. Anyway, their new song was released this week and is GREAT and is making me slightly bummed that we no longer live in the desert because they are totally playing IN JOSHUA TREE next month. GAH.

-Carsie Blanton, ‘Smoke Alarm’: This song is super catchy and I mainly like it for the message. I first heard it on ‘Tangentially Speaking,’ a podcast hosted by Christopher Ryan, who I find very interesting and worth listening to.

In other quick news, one of my oldest friends in the world was pronounced CANCER FREE this week. 🙂 For those of you who know her, you know how ABSOLUTELY JOYOUS this news is. 🙂 I can’t even type this without crying tears of happiness. 🙂 Love love LOVE. 😀

Oh! And I’m going to figure out today how to subscribe to the blog, so you can get email updates when there is a new post, if you want them. I’ll let you know. I know you’ll all be on the edge of your seats.

Hope yous are having a lovely Thursday! Any good listens lately?

Love. ,

2 thoughts on “Does Music Count as Media?

  1. What a fabulous idea! An all-about-Emma blog! Now I don’t feel so far away. I’m officially “following” and can’t wait to keep up with you. I’m entertaining the idea of a blog myself so I’ll be looking to you and this blog for guidance and inspiration. But we’ll see.

    Thank you for being SO happy for me and with me about my cancer news! Ahhhhsueuebdjd! I can’t even put into words how I feel (so how the heck would I blog?! lol). I get to have the whole summer before my next scan! Woohoo!

    Love you, Em! Sending you hugs and love! Can I come visit you guys? Chris doesn’t have any more time to take off from work so it would be just me and Carter. Let’s make it happen.

    • YES. You and one of my favorite children (I don’t like that I can no longer call Carter ‘one of my favorite BABIES,’ btw) are welcome to visit ANY TIME. Duh. 😉

      And YES. You should *totally* start a blog!! You are the most inspirational and wise person that most people know, and I can safely speak for everyone in saying that we’d all love to ‘follow’ you. And the little mister. And I guess Chris too. 😉

      So, so, SO happy for you. ❤ LOVE YOU.

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