Life Lately.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 430 to discover half of my bottom lip had swollen and I had itchy red bumps all over my legs. By 6, the other side of my bottom lip and half the top were starting to swell, and I had used the Internet to diagnose myself with hives. At that point, I was less panicked (anytime something feels weird on my face, I think my Bell’s palsy is back) but still mildly concerned that my throat could start swelling as well and I wasn’t sleeping anyway, so I told D that I was headed to CVS (to which he groggily replied, ‘CPS? Wait, you’re going to work?’) and got me some Benadryl.

[The last time that I took Benadryl was when I got Bell’s palsy, actually. The night before it became fully fledged , I came home to Rooms and tried to convince her that something was not right with my face without really being able to explain what exactly was wrong. (It sort of felt like an extra sensation in my face; as it turns out, it was an *absence* of sensation that I was feeling.) She told me to take a Benadryl and go to bed, so I listened. There wasn’t really anything else to do at that point. I wasn’t even totally sure that there was a problem. By morning, when half of my face had become completely paralyzed, the situation became more clear.]

The Benadryl totally worked. By the time that I finished skyping with my parents, my lips no longer looked like they had been overstuffed with collagen and my legs haven’t itched since I took it. Benadryl also makes you just as sleepy as they say. I spent most of the day on the couch in a drug-induced daze watching Girl Most Likely (eh) and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

That’s actually probably most exciting thing that happened lately. We both worked, read and wrote, talked, watched the entire second season of The Real Husbands of Hollywood, and cooked. Danny made us these burgers and I was impressed. We cleaned and paid bills and made appointments. You know, regular stuff.

We also did some driving and picture taking around Santa Cruz. At least three times a week, we’ll turn a corner and there will be a beautiful view and I will be unable to stop myself from blurting out, ‘I just LOVE living here.’

Our favorite farmer’s market (thus far) is on Saturdays at Cabrillo College; here are some views from that campus:

A walk to Trader Joe’s:

Around the neighborhood:

That blue in the distance is the ocean, maybe 2 miles away.

Somebody tipped us with strawberries. And then D made chocolate-covered strawberries. And then I ate them. It was great.

Happy Monday, loves!

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