Weekend Reading.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

How was your week? Ours was a bit unexpected and anxious, but the weekend is shaping up to be a lovely respite.

We ended up not going camping because when we woke up on Tuesday, we found out D’s youngest brother, F, was in the hospital, which was kind of a buzz kill and made us not want to be incommunicado at that time. Plus, I still had hives and felt kind of yuck. So, we decided to take advantage of our roommate being out of town and enjoyed a little ‘stay cation’ with just the two of us in the apartment.

I entertained myself for part of the week by doing about 80 percent of this 1000 piece puzzle:

(D’s main contribution was saying, ‘Wow, baby’ several times a day while admiring my progress. He also found one of the missing puzzle pieces under the couch.)

I also made agua fresca, which basically just involves mashing up some fruit (I used red raspberries, golden raspberries, and strawberries), adding sugar, chilling it, and then adding water. It’s a good substitute for the iced tea that I normally make, but it’s not as good after the first two days or so. The fresh factor is important.

We also talked. A lot. About all sorts of different ideas for the future.

We also read. A lot. Here are some of my faves from around the Interwebs this week:

Faking Cultural Literacy: This was so funny and on point. You’ll laugh.

7 Things in Life You Don’t Realize Are Giving You Anxiety: I caught up on all of my Thought Catalog lists this week, and this one is kind of on point. And makes me think of…everyone I know, actually. When did America get so anxious? The dawn of the Internet? Smartphones? Anyway, it’s worth skimming.

18 Little Ways to Stop Being Unnecessarily Unkind to Yourself: I like this one too. It’s yet another reminder that there are no ‘secrets’ to happiness or good health: the answer is to do all the simplest, most obvious things.

Mandatory Sentencing for Medical Marijuana: Okay, I know that I have some older readers: do any of you *really* care about this anymore? I’m really asking because I want to know why. I just…I can’t imagine that anyone believes this is a good use of anyone’s time or resources. Who do we imagine this is protecting?

5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People
: Apparently, I was really into lists this week, particularly ones with good life advice.

Oh! And F is out of the hospital and back on his enviable Almost Famous-style road trip with his friends. And my hives are gone. And all is right with the world again. 🙂

Hope y’all are having a fabulous weekend!


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