Family Fun. <3

D and I have been working another ridiculously generous gig this week. We are making more per hour putting up fake stained glass windows than I make at my counseling job, which requires a Master’s degree. Santa Cruzians are great.


We’re also going to be unusually busy in the next two weeks, with a bunch of fun stuff:
-D’s brother, F, comes in tonight for a visit; we’re both super-pumped to see him!
-on Tuesday, the 3 of us head down south for Family Fun with D’s family; very excited about that as well! 🙂
-D and I return on Saturday
– my parents arrive on Wednesday and stay through Saturday!! We can’t wait to show them around SC. 🙂
-plus more gigs and regular work dispersed throughout.

Life will be wonderfully full for the next two weeks. ❤

2 thoughts on “Family Fun. <3

    • Hey Suzie Q! I was thinking… YOU could start blogging now that you’re not working at that soul-sucking job. That could be fun. 😉 But, more importantly, YES, you should come visit. I’ll actually be in SF in early Sept to visit my brother and his wife when they fly in for a wedding… We’ll talk. I miss your face! ❤

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