Mid-Week Reading: On Marijuana, Minimalism, and Feminism.

Hello Loves!


I have a fun update post planned to recap my parents’ visit – which was really, really, really wonderful – but I’ve been catching up on my reading, television, and movies instead. Here’s some of what I’ve been loving:

Boyhood: We saw it Monday afternoon (D is a big Linklater fan) at The Nick. Not surprisingly, it was GREAT, classic RL, and Ethan Hawke is exceptionally talented (in my opinion; D disagrees), as always. Actually, all the performances are pretty great. I loved it. But be warned: it’s 2h45m, which is a long time to sit still.

Repeal Prohibition, Again: Okay, I won’t go into all of my personal thoughts about this issue right now; this piece gives a pretty decent summary of exactly why these laws need to be repealed. And as an east coast girl living in the green bubble that is California, I was pretty happy to see my favorite editorial board take a favorable stance on the subject.

When It’s Cool to Have Nothing: My mama sent me this, and while I’ve rarely – if ever – labeled myself a minimalist, parts of this article resonated with me. I also particularly liked the point that minimalism is purely a lifestyle (choice) for the well-off, as otherwise, it’s just called ‘poverty.’ (All of my NYTimes reading is actually filtered through my mom. While I love the paper, the news itself isn’t particularly appealing for me, so I never go to the page. But if it comes through my mom, I know it’s not painful/not gruesome/interesting/worth reading. A foolproof system.)

Simple living: The above article prompted me to google ‘minimalism,’ which led me to this wiki page. This is my life! I’ve said about 80% of the ish on this page while explaining my lifestyle choices to people; I could’ve just been referring everyone here! (The counterculture is everywhere.)

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My Internet friend, Rachel (I’ve been following her blogs for, like, six years, so I’m allowed to call her my Internet friend. Hi Rachel!), linked me to a bunch of great reads through her post about strong women not trying to please everyone, or even anyone anymore. (Rachel’s another person that I ‘filter’ my media consumptions through.) These articles came at an apt time, as I’m in a particularly feministic mood lately:

The Problem with Esquire’s Praise of 42-Year-Old Women & Amy Poehler: ‘This comfort with group assessment of femininity in turn reminds me of the ease with which women’s choices regarding their bodies, futures, health, sex, and family life are up for public evaluation.’ I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how often women are judged and evaluated in our country, and this hits on the high notes.

‘IDGAF What You a Think’ Is Your New Feminist Battle Cry: Jezebel’s on-point response to the above (which also includes a nice summary of the above). ‘So when someone tells you how they think you look, or ought to look, ought to live, ought to feel, or expects you to be grateful that they finally came around to accepting you as a person, or complains that you aren’t taking the time to hold their hand through the complex labyrinth that is civil rights, you can just say, you know what? IDGAF what you think, and I don’t fucking care if you like it.’

Rachel’s Own Version of IDGAF: Rachel is the original IDGAFer. She wrote this years ago, inspiring me and many other women to not be so damn apologetic all the time.

Alright, I think that’ll keep us all entertained while I finish writing some of my own words for consumption. Hope you all are having a great week!

Love and Hugs. ❤

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