D put on the New Mexico episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown while I was tinkering on my phone this morning. I only caught a few parts, but enough to be reminded of exactly why I loved NM so much. When D and I spent a couple of weeks camping around the state last summer, I was keeping a daily journal and wrote several emphatic messages imploring my future self to not forget how enchanted I was with the Land of Enchantment. I remember being close to tears with gratitude for the beauty that was the drive from Taos to Cochiti Lake and I saw the moon rise over a mountain for the first time ever. (And D almost drowned and I saved his life, but that’s a-whole-nother story.)

The episode also made me really want chili.

We may move to NM in the winter. MAY. It’s in talks. But there are a lot of things In Talks, many that never go beyond talk.


I (still) read several food blogs. (Selectively, not religiously.) Which led me to The Minimalist Baker, chasing some sort of brownie batter spread. (Yup. I’m still a fat kid at heart.) Which caught my attention because minimalist. Which led me to their About page. Which led me to The Minimalists, the newest loves of my life. Because this post.

The interwebs are so, so vast.

And the counterculture is everywhere.


I’m unsubscribing from everything. I get so many emails every day for the most random ish: the summer concert series at the venue that I saw the RHCP at three years ago in TX; daily emails from Groupon, which I have used exactly two times in my life; newsletters about being a better father, which I can only assume I signed up for during my tenure at CPS. And then there’s the NPR emails that I think I want – because what kind of person doesn’t want to be In The Know? – but never, ever open. Maybe it’s the influence of all the minimalist reading, but I want all that ish out of my inbox. No more clutter!


Favorite Listens as of Late (ie Last Night and This Morning):
*’Monotonia’ ~ The Growlers (LOVED by D, Little F, and myself)
*’Down in the River to Pray’ ~ Allison Krauss
*’Silver Lining’ ~ Jenny Lewis
*’Blood Red Sentimental Blues’ ~ Cotton Jones
*’Strangers’ ~ The Kinks
*’Jagged Little Pill’ ~ Alanis Morrisette (flashback!)
*’So American’ ~ Portugal the Man
*’This Time Tomorrow’ ~ The Kinks

I love Google Play.

Farmer’s Market Goods:



Happy Thursday, y’all!


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