The Parents on the Pacific.

**This post is long and picture-heavy. You’ve been warned.

So, my parents came to visit last week! I love when they do that for two reasons: First, I not only love my parents, I really like them. We have a lot in common and they’re very cool, interesting people, and we always have a really great time together. I’m very lucky in the parental department. Second, it’s basically a vacation for me too! I get to visit all of my favorite places AND go out to eat at all the good restaurants. (AND they buy my souvenirs. See ‘My New Chucks’ below.) Wins all around. 😉


-A trip to ‘The Cliff’:

No surfers, but lots of sailboats for some reason.



-Wine and cheese hour at the Babbling Brook Inn. Their bed and breakfast was lovely, and we all really enjoyed happy hour each night.

-We took advantage of a trip to Cupertino to add me to their rental car to check out Apple. Honestly? It’s a really nice office building. And these onesies were cute:


-Sightseeing in Santa Cruz, which consisted of lunch on the pier with views of paddle boarders, seeing the otters (below), and me pointing to the boardwalk and all three of us agreeing that we could appreciate it just fine from a distance.

Parents on the Pacific!

The otters, like I’ve never seen them before! Apparently, if you just walk down a set of stairs on the pier, you end up in their safe place. So cool!:





-Sunset in SC.



-Gilroy Garlic Festival. It was…not what we expected. More like a garlic-themed festival than a celebration of garlic. We did a walk-through of the craft booths, then moved on to the garlic-flavored food. We sampled the garlic edamame, the garlic sausage (all me, as the ‘rents are vegetarians), the garlic calamari, and the garlic ice cream. All delicious. Even garlic-flavored food brings people together; it was packed!





-After the festival, my parents’ chauffeur took them on a guided driving tour of Mount Madonna in Watsonville, complete with breathtaking views of the mountains and countryside.




-We stopped by the Buddhist yoga retreat at the top of Mt. Madonna, as well as the Buddhist temple down the road with the biggest fattest Buddha statue ever.

The deer clearly know it’s a safe environment.





-Downtown walking and shopping for new turquoise Chucks for me! Thank you, Mom and Dad! 🙂 I love them a lot!


-A drive up the Pacific Coast Highway/PCH/the 1, on Papa Joe’s 61st birthday. I’m pretty sure they thoroughly enjoyed it; this drive always results in me saying, ‘I just love this part of California.’ Repeatedly.


The following two pictures are taken from the exact same spot on the exact same day. The first, I’m facing south; the second, north.




When I snapped this pic, my dad said, ‘I’m 61! Hell yeah!’


There were also so many memorable conversations and stories, and countless reminders of exactly why I am so lucky to call them my parents. Seriously. I’m ridiculously grateful. ❤ I thought that 3.5 days would last so much longer, but it never seems like enough time. Love you two so much!

ANYway, hope that everyone is having a lovely and peaceful Monday. We've got a productive week ahead of us in this corner of the country, and I've been in a better mood than, like, ever, since I started reading Zen Habits (but, more about that later…).

All my love. 🙂

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