Good Shabbos.

I’ve had a somewhat profound week, which I will elaborate on more at a later date. Rooms sent me this article and it very much resonated with me. (Please note: I am in no way afraid of turning 30, or 60, or looking older. You know what the alternative to growing old is? Dying young. Be grateful for the opportunity to go grey.) I feel like I am in a state of nearly constant emotional growth. Every freaking day there’s a new realization about myself and Life. I’m reading about Buddhism and minimalism. I’m practicing yoga and meditating. I’m the most mindful that I’ve ever been in my life. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s weird.


I also worked a ridiculous amount this week. D went to visit his fam and, in my standard fashion, I overextended myself. (This was Realization Number One, when I found myself near tears after getting called in for the third night in a row after working, like, 12 hours each day at other gigs. I need to learn to be by myself without literally filling ALL of my time with distractions. And, yes, work counts as a distraction.) Fortunately, I actually like all the work that I’m doing right now, so it wasn’t so bad; I just really enjoyed (some might say ‘needed’) the glorious 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep I got last night.

[I had a dream in which I had this huge wooden desk, in a house in the country with the mountains in the background. (So, basically, Watsonville, the town twenty minutes south of here.) And I kept wanting to go sit at it and write, but I kept getting distracted by other people and stresses. I call this one ‘Life: Before.’]

So, I scheduled myself a day off when most of the rest of the world would still be working. I’m powering off my phone for a few hours and going hiking. I’m pumped.

But that’s not what I pulled over on the side of the road and sat here for 45 minutes typing to tell you about. This is:

As I was leaving the house, I was thinking about how much better my arms feel. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that the pain in my neck and shoulders was being caused by using my fucking phone too much. Seriously. I don’t have a laptop or an ipad anymore, so when I’m home, all of my computer stuff is done through my phone. And I do a lot of computer stuff. (Getting my laptop fixed is now a priority.)

Anyway, that’s absolutely ridiculous, right? Like, I injured myself from using my phone too much. RIDICULOUS. So I cut wayyyyyy back, started going to the library to use the computer – and I receive daily massages from Boyfriend – and my arms are pretty much better. Ridiculous.

So, I’m leaving the house today and thinking about that, and thinking about how much time I spend distracted by technology, (and work, for that matter). I think about how long it’s been since we’ve camped and how much I enjoyed the forced disconnect from the grid and my phone. (We’re actually going camping in two weeks, and I can’t wait!) And I think about proposing a No Technology day every week to D. (And then I think, ‘Eh, I don’t need D to do it, I’ll do it myself.’ Because I’m independent like that.) And I realize that I’d have to not work that day either, because I almost always need technology for work. So really, all I’d be able to do is read, write, walk, talk, and think, and that’d be pretty much it. That sounded kind of lovely.


And then I realized that I was basically describing the Sabbath.

Good Shabbos, Loves! ❤

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