Oh! I Have News.

Hello My Loves!

I said the above to Rooms last night, and she responded by telling me that she starts having heart palpitations every time that I say those words. But this isn’t scary, I promise! (And I’m going to sprinkle pictures of the redwoods throughout the post because…it’s my blog and I want to share them.)


On Monday, D and I are leaving our apartment to go camping for the next month, right near Santa Cruz. We’ll still be working here in September, just living outside at the campground. Then, at the end of September, we will be moving to Northern California to work on our friend’s farm for a couple of months. [We could’ve stayed in the apartment for September, but we’ve really wanted to camp at some of the local spots, and now seems like a perfect time. Plus, we’ve been craving some privacy, and some extended camping, AND we are hoping to go to LA at the end of the month to visit family and PHISH before heading up north. So, that’s why we’re doing the camping thing. I’m pretty excited.]


Why are we leaving Santa Cruz? This decision was not made lightly (though, I imagine it may seem that way to some, as we’ve only been here six months). There are a lot of things I love about living here: the stunning beauty, the progressivism, the active lifestyle, the charm, the small city feeling, Trader Joe’s(!), the coastline, the mountains, the hiking, the surrounding cities, the bookstore. The list goes on. There are a lot of reasons to stay, and only a few to go. But those few matter.


The reality is, IF I was going to live in this metro area long-term, it wouldn’t be in Santa Cruz, it’d be in one of the surrounding cities. Maybe Watsonville, or Pescadero, or Boulder Creek. I want to live close to a city, but I don’t want to live IN a city. Those cities also have the advantage of being more diverse and affordable than Santa Cruz, which are also important factors, especially IF I were to ever have kids.

And also? I/we am/are just not totally convinced that this is where we want to settle down. Northern California has always held a lot of appeal, as has New Mexico, and I want to weigh all my options before I invest too much in any one place. And, if I’m being honest, I’m simply not ready to ‘settle down’ anywhere yet, period.


SO, when B offered us an opportunity to come work and learn at his farm in the mountains in Northern California, I was intrigued. D voiced some concerns regarding how much I like my job – and I *do* – but, really, I can find a part-time social work job that I’ll like almost anywhere, and if I am ever really dying to come back to this one, I’m sure they’d have me back. In this case, liking my job is simply not enough to tie me here. And honestly, I want to farm more than I want to assess the suicidality of teenagers; this opportunity gets me closer to my long-term goals than working part-time to pay my exorbitant rent does.


Plus, it’s not only us who will be there. Several of B’s friends are coming to the farm to work, so there will be a whole community of hippies working and living together. (Awwwww!) I’m looking forward to being in a ‘counterculture’ community, doing the whole cooperative/communal living thing. AND seeing NoCal. Wins all around!


So, that’s that. After the farm, the plan is to either stay in NoCal a bit longer to further explore/evaluate that area, OR head to NM to check out the scene there. OR, something else entirely. We’ll see.


In other news… I finished The Patrick Melrose Novels, which were so well-written! I’m excited to start the fifth one, which my mom was kind enough to send me this week. Right now, I’m reading Krishnamurti’s Inward Revolution: Bringing About Radical Change in Society. I picked it up at the library because he’s one of D’s faves and the title spoke to me.

…D is finally watching Mad Men, which is awesome for me, as I’ll take any excuse to rewatch it.

…We went on a 3-day sugar fast ten days ago. It’s had some surprising effects – like, we are waking up at 530/6AM, filled with energy, and both my cravings for any food and our general appetites have decreased – and we both love the way that we feel. (D also gave up soda. I did too, but I rarely drank it so much less significant for me.)

…To wean ourselves off of sugar, we started eating fruit. We’ve probably consumed something like 40 pounds of fruit in the last ten days. Each.

I’ll stop there for today. Hope y’all are having a wonderful week and looking forward to a lovely long weekend! 🙂



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