The Good News Blog.

Well… August was a rough month, huh? I mean, not for me, for the whole world. At some point mid-month, my filtering system broke down, and both my mom and D were inundating me with bad news from around the globe. And I get it: a lot of shit went really bad last month. I responded with a desire to start a blog devoted purely to good news.

Because the reality is that, yes, bad things happen, but we cannot forget that there is so much good, so much beauty and wonder in the world. Life does not need to be feared; Life is to be celebrated. Not everything has to be so scary or worrisome. There are so many good peoples in the world with big hearts and warm smiles and a desire to spread the Love.

But now I don’t have to start that blog because Momastary did it for me. For the last few weeks, I’ve been loving on pretty much everything this woman has ever written. She’s a good person, a good writer, and I love her message.

In other news…





Views from New Brighton State Beach! Make it easier to adjust to not having a kitchen. 😉


From inside the super-sturdy, comfortable, easy-to-use tent my parents got me for my birthday. Thank you again, Parents! 🙂 I can’t believe how much of my life was spent not outdoors.

Also! I saw Brother and Kay and my future niece/nephew yesterday, and we had a fabulous time touring around San Francisco on one of those red double decker busses, laughing about the trivia provided by our tour guide (‘We loved Robin Williams, bless his heart. He owned three homes here’). I had a really lovely time with the two of them and love getting to know my sister-in-law, whom I also feel like I’ve known forever.

In typical family fashion, we forgot to take any pictures. All I have are these two crap photos from atop the bus to prove I was there:



We were too busy spreading the Love and observing the hippies in their natural habitats to be bothered with cameras. Living in the moment and whatnot. 😉

And with that, I’m off to read some Krishnamurti and hike before heading to work for the Brooklynite. Happy Friday, Loves! ❤

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