Henry Cowell State Park.

Happy Thursday, Lovies!

D and I have spent this week camping in Felton, the little town directly north of Santa Cruz. All of the campgrounds in Santa Cruz County support the ‘Camping Lite’ style, with hot showers, fire pits and firewood sold on-site, tables and small pantries for food storage, cleared tent spaces, and plenty of access to water. All of these conveniences are appreciated, particularly now, as we are still working while we camp.

What sets this campground apart is the setting. In the redwood forest. Which boasts a few dozen miles of trails. I absolutely love waking up early, having tea, and going for a hike to start the day.





The scenery really makes up for not having a kitchen.





The scenery, and the fact that we’ve been making some fabulous meals on the campfire. We went to the farmers market yesterday and picked up some (organic, local, humanely raised and killed) meats, veggies, and fruits. Last night, we had chicken, corn on the cob, beans, rice, and avocado, with fruit for dessert. The previous night, we had corn on the cob, stuffed portabellos, and beans, courtesy of Trader Joe’s. This morning, we feasted on sausages, more beans, and more fruit. (D and I both have sweet tooths, and we haven’t been eating white sugar; instead, we consume copious amounts of fruit. Copious.) Not too shabby.

I have been feeling exceptionally grateful that we chose to spend these last few weeks soaking up the outdoors in and around Santa Cruz. This area is stunningly beautiful, and both D and I agree that we just love ‘living outside.’ I know that many (most) of you think it’s crazy that I/we would choose to camp on a farm for months rather than continuing to live in our apartment and hold steady jobs, but I love this. It is my sincerest dream to buy land and a yurt and work part-time and live simply and slowly build up my farm over the years. Just need to figure out the where

In two weeks, we’ll be leaving Santa Cruz, en route to our next adventure, and, as many of you know, I excite easily, and it’s sometimes hard for me to contain my enthusiasm for All the Things that are coming in Life. But for now, I’m practicing being present and enjoying the view.


Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday! 🙂

*Today is 9/11. In the past, I’ve been obsessed with plastering ‘Never Forget’ all over social media on this date, showing my support for this country, my remembrance of those that were lost, my acknowledgement of how significant this day is. It was the popular thing to do.

Well, I’m not popular anymore, and I spend far less time on social media. And while I absolutely remember what happened today, my feelings about this event and its consequences are too confused and complex to simplify into something as simple as ‘Never forget,’ especially considering that I am no longer convinced that refusing to let go of this awful part of our past and the feelings attached to it is the best thing for anyone.

So instead, my recommendation is to remember the oversize shadow of this tragedy by putting more light into the world. Do one nice thing for a stranger today: hold a door, pay for their coffee, send an email, say a kind word. Tell your friends and your spouse how much you appreciate them, and call your grandmother to say hi. Smile a the people you pass on the street. Do whatever your creative mind thinks of with one goal in mind: to spread the LOVE. ❤

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