‘You Know You’re Living…’

‘…when it all becomes a blur.’
~The Growlers

The past couple of weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind that I have neither the time or energy to further detail now. Suffice to say, in typical fashion, I tried to fit far too much into far too little time. Winding down all of my jobs, visiting family and friends, preparing for a two-month camping trip, deciding to bring Fernie at the last minute, traveling – managing our lives has become a full-time job (and, honestly, I dropped a couple of balls; I’m committed to making my flakiness up to those effected). Tomorrow – and by that, I mean, later today – we head to Northern California for the night, and then Sunday to the farm. I am really excited, but I’ve also barely had time to think about it. But I also have a lot of thoughts that I am looking forward to sharing, including some stories about my Mini Adventures in Minimalism and an answer to the ever-popular question, ‘What is The End Game?’

ANYway, all of that needs to wait until I am settled in at the farm and have Time again. In the meantime, I just wanna tell you about this wallet that I spotted while shopping at Crossroads (a high-end thrift store) in Santa Cruz. My current wallet was literally bursting at the too-small seams, a poor replacement for the beautiful, golden leather one I had been gifted by my dear friend Suzie Q several birthdays ago.



So, I got it. Win!

And also-

We took a picture! This is one of, like, three that we have of us together. But we have no fewer than, oh, maybe 600 pictures of redwood trees alone.

Okay, I need to get some sleep. We’re taking Fernando on a hike in the morning, and then have seven or eight more errands to run before we get on the road. Wheeeeeeeee! 🙂 Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Love yous! ❤

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