Sunday Love. 

Hellooooooo Loves!

Another beautiful day here in Santa Cruz!

Morning Worship

I had another looooooong work week. I worked something like 57.5 hours, which is a LOT for my small county. I became a supervisor at the exact time that we got *really* busy, and things just take me longer because I am new. One of the biggest challenges of being a supervisor is learning to own the responsibility of making decisions. I am still at the point where I second guess nearly all of my bigger decisions: whether we go out immediately – even though our staff are already feeling stretched thiiiiiin – or can wait ten days (or not go at all); whether we close a referral even though things aren’t *ideal*; whether to Substantiate an allegation. A good portion of our work exists in a gray area, and there is no flowchart of ‘if This, then do That.’ And these decisions have very real impacts on the families with which we work. My fellow supervisors have been wonderfully supportive -we have a really awesome team – and my manager has told me that she’d be far more concerned if I was already totally confident. But I’m still looking forward to feeling like I know what I’m doing. 😜

On the flip side, I have met some coworkers that I think will be real, maybe lifelong, friends. Being in California, and especially in Santa Cruz, I find far more like-minded people than I did in, say, Texas. While I don’t need everyone to think like me all the time (and while I actually really loved Austin), when you have a toe (or several) in the counterculture, in any form of non-mainstream culture, it can be harder to find a community. And it’s not even that more people think like me, it’s that they have similar values of openmindedness, and shared humanity, and compassion, and curiosity, and a commitment to spiritual growth. I’m so grateful for the time that I get to live here. 

I finished my puzzle! We had gotten two similar owl puzzles, 500 pieces each, and I finished the second this weekend. I really like both of these. I *think* we’re going to keep these for ourselves. But I’m sort of considering giving them to his nieces. We will see. After we get these glued and framed, I’m going to start on a 1000-piece Bread Village puzzle that my parents got me for my birthday. I’m slightly intimidated by 1000-piecers; Aviva’s was a true labor of love. 😍

Flashback to Aviva’s!

Oh, and THIS happened!!!

I found a Rita’s!! In the town just five minutes north of us. This is the first time that I’ve seen water ice outside of the east coast, the first time that I’ve had water ice in probably a decade, and Danny’s first experience ever. (He loved the way it melts in your mouth. Obvi.) We got lemon and vanilla gelatis, and will certainly be back. 

Some things that I read this week and really enjoyed:

This is actually a very short, very wise video from Brene 

Poor People Deserve to Taste Somethint Other than Shame

For the Mamas Who Show Up

This was chilling. 

High Maintenance. Love Mary Karr and love this topic. My mom’s BFF and I used to talk about this often. I’m still – in very un-minimalist-like behavior – holding on to a few pairs of heeled shoes ‘just in case.’ Like, I don’t even think I *could* wear them now. But they keep taking up space in my life. Ridiculous. 

I’m off to walk and phone date with Evan, then making carne asada nachos for dinner and watching Grace and Frankie. I love Sundays. ☺️

Have a great week! 💝

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