Weekend Love. 

Hey Loves.

My goodness, I am so happy that it’s the weekend. That four-day work week felt more like six, and it was a frustrating one. Being a supervisor presents all sorts of new challenges and responsibilities, and I was feeling the pressure this week. (I was also feeling the disillusionment, but that’s a different story and an inevitable byproduct of working in/for a bureaucracy.) 

My coworker-friend, who also does puzzles, left this on my desk during a particularly frustrating day.

Fortunately, I have built-in balance in a group of like-minded coworker friends. We have lunch every other week to talk about social justice, progressive practice, and organizational culture change (and less serious things too). They’re great. 🙂

On to the most EXCITING news of the week: Sister-in-Law birthed another baby! 😍  Go Sister-in-Law! Baby Boy came into the world on Thursday, and I canNOT WAIT to meet him, and to see him and his big sister together. I’ve watched the videos of her meeting him at least fifteen times, and my heart grows with every viewing. 💝

Last weekend was a blast. I spent about seven hours on Sunday with Sofia (Danny’s niece) and was in awe of both how much attention, energy, and patience five year-olds require and how much fun it is to watch them learn. 

We collected – and counted – one hundred sixty-nine rocks.

So fun!

We stalked, captured, and released this lady bug four different times.

His parents see me with her and ask when I’ll have my own kids. And I remind them that two days is very, very different from always and forever. 

Some great things that I’ve read this week: 

Here’s the powerful letter the Standford victim read to her rapist. This is brutal to read, but also really important. Compelling writing and the most salient description of the violation of sexual assault that I’ve ever read. 

The Maturation of the White Ally. Also a powerful, important read. Danny and I had some light weekend banter over cappuccinos at 7AM about reparations and white privilege and all things racism.

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump. I said recently that I am more afraid of how far he’s come than I am of his presidency, and while I am extremely disheartened that a demagogue has made it this far, I am much more afraid of how much damage a bigoted blowhard can do in four years. 

On the lighter side, my only Internet friend, Rachel, published this piece about ‘bullet journals’ that explained to me what they are and why I obviously need to make one. I’ve seen these mentioned around my blog world, but had no idea what it was and the planner in me thinks this is BRILLIANT. 

So far this weekend, I’ve skyped with my parents, had tacos with Danny, and laid on my bed and read. It’s been glorious. But after I hit publish, we’re headed to the grocery, then to the movies, and then making homemade meatballs for dinner. And probably a long beach-and-harbor walk in there too. Weekend life. 😎

Happy Saturday! Love yous! 😘

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