Summer Lovin.

Hello Looooooooves!

You know that thing that moms say about their young children, “The days are long, but the years are short?” I think that actually applies to all people, all the time (and especially to weekends, which seem to flyyyyyyyyy by). I cannot believe that it’s already August and that, before long, our city will empty out again, the boardwalk will be closed during the week, and these warm days will get…slightly less warm. (I still live in Santa Cruz, after all.)

Did anyone watch the DNC last week? I did not. Mostly because I don’t need much more than a seven-second sound byte from the troll that is her opponent to solidify that I am, most definitely, with her. A coworker-friend did tell me that Michelle Obama’s speech was worth watching, so I watched that one, and he was right. She’s at least as good of a speaker as her hubs. 

This video also came out of the convention and has been my favorite thing ever for the last week. I had no prior knowledge of this pop hit, and quickly became infatuated with the feel-good lyrics and video. Like any good pop song, it burrowed into my brain and began playing on a loop. And now, as also happens with all good pop songs, I want to blow my head of a little bit just to make it stop playing. 

Oh, wait, I lied. This is my favorite thing ever from the last week:

That is my niece, with her little wispy hairs pulled into pigtails. My heart. 💓

Work has actually been fairly slow and manageable for the last couple of weeks, which is a welcome change from the maddening pace that we moved at March through June. One would think that I would be using this slower period to catch up and maybe even plan ahead with some new organizational techniques or ideas for improving our practice for when it gets busy again. But I’m not. Instead, I’m just moving slower. Everyone is. I’ve actually started developing a theory that we workers (and supervisors) in Investigations are a bunch of adrenaline junkies and when things slow down, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. 

I still love living here. The other night, I had already walked about 15,000 steps for the day, but I was feeling bleh after I got home, and so I talked myself into going for a short walk. I only made it as far as the beach (about three blocks), and then just sat on a bench, enjoying the sunset. Some tourists walked by and I overheard one of the women comment on how amazing this place is, and I was overcome with gratitude that I actually get to live in this amazing place. 

I will always, always, always be grateful for the time that I live here. ❤️

I’m also very grateful for my new bullet journal. What the heck is a bullet journal, you ask? Great question. I’ve seen ‘bullet journals’ popping up in my social media world a lot in the past year or so, and I’ve been wondering the same thing. Then, my only Internet-but-also-real friend Rachel wrote this piece, which explains it perfectly. About a third of the way through reading her description, I was still not getting it, but then, it clicked, and I realized that I absolutely had to make one. For those who won’t read her explanation/aren’t all *that* interested, a bullet journal is basically a combination of an ongoing to do list, a planner, and a journal, all customized and rolled into one notebook. For me – a person who has different To Do lists and planners on white boards, post-its, and then also a separate journal – this is IDEAL for keeping track of my life. So, a couple of weeks ago, Danny and I walked downtown to Bookshop, and I purchased my first ever Moleskine notebook, with a dotted grid, and then I happily spent two hours setting up my bullet journal. 

To give you an idea, here are a few pages: 

The Yearly Calendar (or, ‘Future Log’ in weird bullet journal lingo)

One of my monthly pages.

Probably my favorite page.

The ‘Weekly Log.’ I really like the tiny calendar.

Each day also gets its own page, to keep track of what you need to do that day, and any journaling that you want to do. I’m not quite obsessed, but it IS a really nice way to start and end each day. And, you know, keep track of my life. 
This is normally where I’d post links to all the stuff that I’ve been reading, but… It’s too heavy. The news is so hard recently.[Although, let’s be for real: racism in all its forms has *always* been a problem. We just have cell phones and social media, so we (white people) are just more aware of it now.] I have some very strong feelings in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and I remain hopeful that this could be a time of revolutionary change and committed to marching in the next BLM protest in the Bay Area in support of that revolution. 

With that, I wish for you all to have a wonderful week, and encourage you to find beauty and gratitude in each day. 💝

Love yous very much. 

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