Creative Inspirations. 

Hello Loves,

I wonder if waking up to this will ever get old.

So… I literally can’t even talk about politics anymore. It’s too much. It’s too ridiculous. I can’t even dignify it with my attention. To this end, I won’t be sharing many links this week. This is what else has been going on… 

From a Live Oak and Pleasure Point neighborhood walk.

On Friday, my coworker-friends and I grabbed a quick lunch at New Leaf (a grocery store similar to Whole Foods) and then headed over to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History to see our friend Stef’s exhibition. 

Stef took inspiration from the refugee crisis and other migratory stories and phenomenons to inform this exhibit. She applied for a six-week fellowship with the museum, was chosen(!), and then managed to work out a three day-week work schedule for the six weeks, so she can do both. I am equally inspired by and proud of her. 

Stef embroidered a large world map, a smaller California map, a Santa Cruz map, and a United States map. As people visit, she offers them the chance to share their migration story, and then she is embroidering their stories onto the map. She also gives visitors the option of embroidering themselves and has educational materials as well. She is so cool. 

From a Pogonip walk. A view of Santa Cruz.

Also at Pogonip.

The snake above scared the crap out of Danny and me on one our hikes. The snake appeared unfazed. 

I spent a couple of hours today working on a letter to send to all of my coworkers to encourage them to participate in union rallies. I’m as surprised as anyone that I’m taking an interest in leadership, but I have a lot of good reasons for wanting us to work to negotiate more money, and people that I trust tell me that it’s important for people to show up. I’ve never had a union before, so we’ll see how this goes. 

I’ve been starting to look at listings in Felton and Lompico, tiny cities in the (breathtaking) mountains, about twenty minutes from here / the beach. The properties are slightly more affordable up there, and would likely retain their value and be easy to rent out if I wanted to move elsewhere in the future. It kills me to be throwing away all this money on rent, and – now that I’m a supervisor – I know that I won’t be leaving Santa Cruz for at least a few years. And both Danny and I love it here. How does one know when they are ready to buy? 

I even like the gray mornings.

Work has been interesting, not just because of the union stuff. The state enacted new legislature and I’m in one of the workgroups to plan the implantation of the implementation. I get to work with and learn from some of the high level managers, participate in macro level decision making, and be a part of implementing *best practices* in our work. Our bimonthly meetings are becoming my favorite part of the day.

I like tracking my steps. This is my ‘Harbor Walk.’ It includes a stroll through Seabright beach, the harbor, Arana Gulch park, and then through the neighborhood, which is beautiful in itself. 

I’m leaving for Wisconsin on Friday. I’m super excited to see my parents and spend the weekend with my 96 year-old grandmother. And eat cheese curds. And freshly smoked fish. And Three Brothers in Milwaukee. 

I also have training for two days in Oakland this week, so I’m spending Tuesday night there. And yet, despite being gone more days than I am here, I still came home from the farmers market with an assortment of squash, greens, peppers, tomatoes, and five different cheeses. I’m getting in the Wisconsin spirit?  😜

I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcasts and getting super inspired. 

I made this risotto tonight. It was my first attempt at making risotto. It came out okay. It will get better.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week! 

Love yous. Very much. 


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