Long Weekend. 

Hey there, Loves! 

Post-dentist smile!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend; I know that I am! 😎 After traveling the last two weekends, this work week was looooong and I was excited to spend a good chunk of the weekend with my books, Netflix, and my bullet journal. It was also my first weekend on-call (until Saturday at 5PM), as a supervisor, which provided the perfect excuse for my favorite low-key activities. 

Last weekend, my friend, Adi, and I ventured three hours east, towards the Sierras, to our friend/mentor’s cabin and boat in Angels Camp. We all met up at the local gas station / deli / place to buy stuff for the lake. 

Yup, that’s the name of the meet-up spot.

We got sandwiches from the deli and headed to the lake. Maryanne (friend/mentor) and her partner, Chris, come up here nearly every weekend in the summer, bringing along friends to take out on the boat. They have a wakeboard, water skis, and a tube for the boat, and we brought along plenty of snacks and champagne, which fueled us through the eight hours we spent on the lake. 

Maryanne giving wakeboard lessons.

She’s a pro.

I got up on my first try and was starting to get the hang of staying up by the end of the day. It was SO.MUCH.FUN. I’m already excited for next summer. Adi had a fear of falling that prevented her from getting up to begin with, so we also blew up the tube and her and I flew around the lake behind the boat, laughing uncontrollably the entire time. 

Me, Adi, and Maryanne.

The cabin was about thirty minutes from the lake, and we stopped for dinner in the small town of Murphys on our way back. The town was very small, with only a few eateries; our restaurant featured burgers, tacos, and pizza. We also noted that there were several cute shops and discovered that Murphys is the hidden gem of wineries in Cali. We’re planning a trip back in the fall – before winter sets in and the cabin gets rented out to the winter sport peeps – for hiking, antiquing, and wine tasting. 

The cabin itself was set in the mountains, with very little cell service, and was incredibly serene. The light pollution is almost nonexistent, serving to make the night sky breathtaking. We stayed up late chatting, and I kept thinking how grateful I am for the friends that I’ve made in Santa Cruz. All these kind, bright, thoughtful, interesting, fun, social justice warriors. ❤️

In other news, I can barely stand the news anymore. Brock Turner, police brutality, Trump. It all seems bad, bad, bad. But I remain hopeful that all of these things are catalysts for the revolution that our country needs.

Speaking of revolutions, my signed copy of Love Warrior, the new book by my favorite love revolutionist, Glennon Doyle Melton, will be arriving this week, a fact that I have announced to Danny no less than 19 times in the last week. It’s the most excited that I’ve been for a book release since the seventh Harry Potter book came out. (I actually finished reading Mary Karr’s Cherry this morning, and am debating about whether to start Lit, as I know that I’ll immediately stop reading it when LW arrives.) And, in even bigger news, Glennon teamed up with BRENE (Brown, obviously) to create a new online class called The Wisdom of Story, for which I have already signed up. These love warriors – along with a few other faves – are my heroes and I believe their revolution to be the solution to all of the world’s problems. 

I’ll leave it on that positive note for today. Danny and I are headed on a walk to downtown for some card shopping, shoe shopping, and the movies. 

Love you alllllll! 😍

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