A Week in the Life. 

Hello Loves,


This week had a bunch of wonderful things packed into it. Starting with:

BABY GIRL! And BABY BACKPACKS!! I can’t even. 😍😍😍 Her and I had a Skype date last Sunday, which was two minutes of her smiling and me sticking out my tongue and waving. I cannot get enough of her. This is my new ‘wallpaper’ for my phone. 

Halloumi! There’s a middle-eastern restaurant in Soquel, where you can order off-menu halloumi sandwiches, and it’s become my most favorite restaurant. My friends and I had lunch there this week and life was good. 🙂 

Some scenes from my ‘Harbor Walk,’ a three mile loop around our neighborhood, Arana gulch, the harbor, and the beach: 

I continue to attempt to capture the enormity of some of the trees here in Cali.


I know that I say this incessantly, but I still cannot believe how beautiful this city is, and that we have world-class hiking right in our city. Speaking of…

Danny and I hiked Niscene Marks with my friend Stef last weekend. I was so engrossed in our conversation, I didn’t take any pictures! When we finished, I checked my phone and was shocked to find that we had hiked five and a half miles and it had been nearly two hours! I thought it had been, maybe 45 minutes? It was a really, really beautiful hike, with excellent company. 

A view of San Francisco from Oakland.

I had training in Oakland again for two days this week, so I spent Wednesday night in Berkeley. 

I saw a BUNCH of Black Lives Matter signs (❤️), ate some really amazing vegan food, and found chickens in someone’s front yard while I was walking around. What’s not to love? 

I also saw several ‘tent cities,’ which are both heartbreaking and infuriating. There are whole sidewalk blocks covered in tents, and I cannot believe that the city won’t do anything to help these people. There is no reason for people in this ridiculously rich country to live like this. Danny and I have a semi-serious dream to eventually buy land and build a bunch of tiny homes on the property, to do our part to promote housing first solutions to help end homelessness. 

This made me laugh.

My autographed copy of Love Warrior (with special limited edition gift!) did not arrive this week. In fact, when I requested the tracking number, I discovered that it hasn’t even shipped yet. This is the danger of preordering books. Fortunately, I’m privileged enough that I can, and likely will, just pick up another copy when we hit up the bookstore tomorrow  – for gifts for Danny’s nieces, whom we’ll be seeing next weekend to celebrate his birthday ❤️ – and then give it away, thus spreading the love! 

The Love Revolution even spread to the soap opera world. I received this text from Rooms the other night. The Carly that she is referencing is a character from General Hospital, her favorite soap opera. 

Love is Winning! So happy for and proud of Glennon. 💝

Here’s an article about Glennon’s new book in The Chicago Tribune. I am so glad that she is in this world. 

I read this post about skepticism regarding white allies of Black Lives Matter, which was thought-provoking, well-written, and wise. It started good and just kept getting better. 

I also read this post from Shaun King – whom I recently started following and whose work I am strongly supporting – about finding a form of protest that white people would actually approve of. SO ON POINT. 

And for those who have Facebook (and don’t mind logging into it), this short metaphor is worth reading. 

I also finished reading Cherry last weekend in anticipation of Love Warrior, and am now tearing through Lit while I wait. Mary Karr is so good. I really have a thing for strong, female (former addict) memoirs. I’m pretty sure these women are going to lead the Love Revolution that will save the world. ❤️

OH. And did I tell you that Glennon and Brene (Brown) are teaching an online class together? I’m signed up and SO EXCITED!!! (Another reason that I ‘need’ to buy another copy of Love Warrior. The things we do for love. 😉) 

Happy Weekend, Everyone! 

Looooooooove yous. 

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