Missing Yous. 

Hello Loves!

It’s been awhile! And so much has happened in the world! While I’m no longer depressed and irate over the election, I’m also not becoming complacent. I’m more interested in activism and advocacy, and more committed to fighting injustice – in all its forms – than ever. (To that end, please consider joining the Injustice Boycott to peacefully protest police brutality and racial injustice.)

Work has been rolling along well. I’m *finally* starting to have days where I actually feel competent in my role as supervisor (as opposed to just hoping that I don’t totally blow it). We have a really good group of supervisors in my program, we work well together, and I’m so grateful for how supportive they have been while I learn. 

Pics from the supermoon. The long walk that we went on the night that it happened was one of my attempts at self-care and self-soothing after the election. I loved it, but also struggled to shake the background feeling of despair. I’ve been especially grateful for my social justice warrior friends here in Santa Cruz in the past several weeks, as we’ve all had some loooooooong lunches to process what is happening and discuss The Resistance. 

We had a fabulous time with Danny’s fam at Thanksgiving. We drove down late on Wednesday and the traffic was SO BAD that we had to stop about 140 miles in – which had taken us about FOUR HOURS – because we were too tired to finish the drive. We got a perfectly fine, inexpensive motel, slept from 10-6, then got back on the road. 

^My favorite little buddy, Sofia. When I asked her what her favorite part of kindergarten is, she responded, ‘Learning!’ At another point, we picked out a book to read, and she explained all the parts of the book. ‘This is the cover, this is the spine, this is the cover page…’ She loves showing off her new knowledge. 

Thanksgiving included two kinds of turkey, ham, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, rolls, and three kinds of pie. Danny and I contributed some homemade whipped cream, which is SO much better than canned whip cream – and it was a hit. Danny’s fam is always so good and kind to me and make me feel so welcomed, even though I don’t speak the language. If I can’t be near my family, they are a wonderful substitute. 💝 AND, I got to skype with Brother, Kayla, Shaya, and my Pop the next day, which was also *wonderful*. I miss those babies, and my Pop (and everyone!) so much! I really need to plan that next trip SOON. I can’t believe it’s already December…

I’m still madly in love with my bullet journal (BuJo). Another part of my post-election self-soothing came in the form of watching videos of people designing their bullet journals, which, for manybpeople, are essentially works of art. (I’m in two BuJo groups on Facebook and they were the only posts that weren’t related to the election.) The one that I started in July is just about full, and my new one came in the mail on Monday. It’s a hardcover, teal Leuchtturm 1917 journal and it’s beautiful. (I also started a wishlist on Amazon for all things BuJo related, which includes a pink version of the above journal – they only last a few months – 37 types of pens and something called washi tape for decoration.)

^A monthly page that I make at the beginning of each month. 

^A blank weekly page that I create at the beginning of each week. This is where I write events, appts, and day-specific to do’s. 

^The other half of my weekly page. This is where I write things that I need to do this week (‘write blog post’ has been on my weekly list for forever), things coming up next week, my daily gratitude log, and my habit tracker. I also do daily pages each day, for journaling in the morning and a short daily recap at the end of the day. I also create pages for meal plans and grocery shopping, and really anything. I keep lists of things to write on the blog and to remember to tell my parents during skype dates. I have pages with a book and movie list to track what I’ve read/seen, and want to read/see. I have a recipe page. I have pages for quotes. It’s totally customizable and you create almost everything as you go (except the index and the yearly log, whichbalways go in the beginning). It’s my favorite new hobby and a lovely way to start and end each day. 

Santa Cruz remains beautiful, in case anyone was concerned. Danny and I have been walking a bit less – it’s dark and ‘cold!’ – but taking advantage of the weekends for long hikes. 

Oh! And I’m reading the best novels ever. I’m on book three of four of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels – which is really one, very long novel broken into four sections – and they are some of the most beautifully written books that I have ever read. I am unable to read them slowly, and also dreading when they will end. I adore these characters, the neighborhood setting, the stories. Books are my favorite friends. 

I promise to continue blogging on a regular basis. I love you all immensely. 


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