Hello Loves! 

I’m tired. This has been a weird week at work. A good friend-coworker/my diabetic buddy had a weird medical thing happen this week, our assistant director (whom I really adore) was diagnosed with MS, a case that one of my workers has been working really hard on took a bad turn, et cetera. I am SO looking forward to having Friday off and a beautiful and restful four-day weekend. 

^Seabright at night.  

We’ve also been semi-cooped up this week because of the rain. Last Friday, people were acting as though it was Armageddon. It’s been raining. A lot. (But not, like, so much. In NJ, this would be equivalent to an average week of rain in the Spring.) This area doesn’t hold up great under those circumstances. We’ve had mudslides, flash flooding, and one of the really big trees fell down. (Fortunately, not the one we are visiting this weekend.)

^Santa Cruz mountains, at dawn before the storms came

We pulled over on our drive to take pictures and stare, but got rained out before we could go hiking. I’m fairly spoiled now and – while I know we (desperately) need rain – I get a little stir-crazy if I can’t go outside all day. 

We did venture out for a short time on Sunday to the West Cliff neighborhood (out normal spot to watch surfers and sunrises). The wind was SO strong and the ocean was choppy. I was surprised how many people were still out walking. This is the most active city that I’ve ever lived in, including New York. People are outside all the time. (With good reason: if I haven’t mentioned it before , Santa Cruz is staggeringly beautiful.)

^West Cliff as the storms rolled in

I missed hiking, but took full advantage of being stuck inside. I finished The Story of the Lost Child, the fourth book of The Neopolitan Novels from Elena Ferrante (which were stunning). I watched Minimalism on Netflix. I used my new dual-tipped brush pens in my Bullet Journal. 

My Bullet Journal (BuJo, for short) is one of my favorite things in the world right now. I love that it’s a planner (and journal and to-do list) that is completely customizable. I follow different groups in Facebook and get ideas on how to set it up and what works best for me. I’m loving this set-up for my weeklies right now: 

On the left-hand side is my habit tracker, right-hand side is mini calendar, to do list, and upcoming stuff next week. On the bottom is a box for notes for therapy, for this little blog, and things to remember to tell my parents when we skype. And then in each day, I put day-specific to-dos, events, appts, and short notes for the day.

Oh, and Obama’s farewell speech? At some point, I just started sobbing. 💔 I have a heavy heart over one of my heros leaving, and a deep despair over what will happen to us at the whims of the orange troll. ‘The world will be a less stable place.’ Sigh. 

On the brighter side of work and life, we had a really successful brainstorming meeting today, I laughed a lot on a lovely friend date with Adi, I have happy hour plans with a big group from work on Friday, and Danny and I are heading up the coast this weekend for a restful retreat for my birthday. 💝

OH! And I’m booking tickets very soon for a trip to NJ to see the babies and all of my east coast loves. 😍❤🤗

Love you all very much. 


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