Photo Dump. 

Hello Loves! 

I’ve been away from the blog for awhile. As many of you already know, my personal life has been in upheaval since mid-February, and I’m still wading through the journey. There are challenges and pain, and lessons and joy. It’s an experience. 

This post is going to be a mix of a bunch of pictures and their descriptions, and random updates and thoughts. Above is a gray day on West Cliff. The wildflower game in Santa Cruz County is en pointe this year, thanks to five weeks of rain.  

Above is a view from San Gregorio Beach, about 45 minutes up the coast from Santa Cruz. I met some friends from a Buddhist-leaning weekly group that I attend there to hike and meditate by the ocean. 

Above is a pic of the harbor that I snapped on a four-mile walk that I took along the coast from my apartment to a friend’s house. My office was closed on 3/31 for Cesar Chavez Day, which was awesome because three-day weekends are my jam. A coworker-friend invited a few of us over for lunch and it was SO beautiful out that I decided to walk. 😎 (Another friend drove me home though.) 

Above is Seabright Beach – a few blocks from my apartment – at dusk. Work has been very, very busy for the last few weeks and will likely continue to be for the next few. When I spend that much time inside an office, I have to make a conscious effort to balance it with daily walks, even for only 25 minutes. I take a lot of walks at lunch, and at sunset too. (Obviously. 😋)

Another shot of Seabright at dusk. I’ve been walking out on the cliff in between the boardwalk and Seabright beach. I meditated out there last week. I can’t say enough how much I love being close to the ocean. Very, very grateful for this opportunity. 

Sunset from the above-mentioned cliff. This is also where the San Lorenzo River – from the Santa Cruz Mountains – meets the Pacific Ocean. 

How much do you love the clouds in this pic? A couple of weeks ago, my friend turned 35, so we had dinner, drinks, and cake at a lounge inside a fancy hotel on the beach. It was a really good time, but because I drink far less than I used to, I get mildly overwhelmed around a group of outgoing, slightly buzzed peoples. My friend’s two year-old felt the same way, so the three of us took a break to run around on the beach, which is when I snapped the above pic. 

Above and below are my attempts to capture the wharf at night from the Seabright cliff. 

Here are a couple of pictures of some of my fave California flowers from around the neighborhood. I don’t know what they are called:

I did the below 500-piece puzzle below in one Saturday. But I forgot to snap a pic of the finalized version. I’m gluing and framing tomorrow and will get one then. 

I pet-sat for my friends’ dog and cat a couple of weeks ago. This is their dog, Chewy. She has to wear a cone because she has allergies and scratches until she bleeds if nobody is paying attention to her. She’s old and adorable (and I have zero desire to get a pet/responsibility). 

Oh! I am officially a member of the Equilibrium Float Center that opened in my neighborhood. I have been floating at least once a month and adding an extra one in when I can. My next appointment is Thursday night at 7:30PM for 90 minutes. I’m going to find out if I like getting in the tank right before bed. 

In the midst of all this upheaval, I’ve committed to doing some emotional and spiritual work that I need. On a weekly basis, I’m attending Refuge Recovery meetings (the Buddhist-leaning groups I mentioned above, that are geared towards using Buddhist teachings to free one self from attachments), Al-Anon meetings, therapy, and yoga. On a daily basis, I am writing morning pages, meditating, using my BuJo, and practicing gratitude. In addition to hiking, walking, and following Michael Pollan’s food advice, I’m feeling pretty great. I mean, some days are hard, but I’m managing. I’m learning how to take care of myself, and I actually like doing it. ☺️

Hope all of you are happy and healthy and loving your people in this hard and scary world. ❤



2 thoughts on “Photo Dump. 

  1. The neighborhood flower in the first photo is the well-named “Bird of Paradise” plant. In colder climates like mine, it’s grown as a houseplant.

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