How Did I Get Here?

Hellooooooooo Friends and Family!

Welcome to my long-awaited, much-anticipated blog. I’ve been meaning to do something like this for, like, years, but have just “never gotten around to it.” But as I get older and wiser, it is becoming increasingly important to me to stay connected to all of you as much as possible…or, as much as one can when they live a plane ride away from nearly all of their loved ones.

Now, for those of you who I am not in super-regular contact with – and by that, I mean, less than once a year – let me quickly bring you up to speed: In early 2013, I broke up with A and left my job soon after that in pursuit of…well, at the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was pursuing, I just knew that I needed to go. And go I did! My new boyfriend, D (I know, I know, so soon? Yes, so soon.) and I packed most of my stuff into storage and the rest into my tiny blue Subaru Impreza and headed west. From June until mid-November ish, D and I traveled and camped all over the States – from Portland, OR, to Portland, ME – using some savings and working odd/labor/seasonal jobs from Craigslist (or from word of mouth) to support our travels.

In late November, we settled into the southern California desert, near Joshua Tree National Park, to work on a small start-up sustainable farm in exchange for room and board. We were there until February of this year and had a wonderful and educational experience; we both love the desert landscape, the lifestyle, and the people that it attracts.

After we bid farewell to the desert (for now), we headed north to Santa Cruz, in search of greener pastures. Literally. You can imagine how hard it is to grow things in the desert; northern California is a breath of fresh air. Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities in the country: coastal, progressive, green, and absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of the few places in the country where you can watch the sunrise over the Pacific. The only “drawbacks” to the city are the cost of living – which is high; not Manhattan-high, but high – and that it’s, well, mostly white. But I can live with those (for now) in exchange for year-round sunny days in the 60s and 70s, breaktaking views, a welcoming vibe to the hippies/drifters/floaters/travelers of the world, and an environmentally and socially progressive culture.

As we get settled in and say goodbye to our “houseless” lifestyle, I’ll use this blog to keep y’all (<– I still ❤ Austin) up-to-date on what's happening around these parts. Expect to see a lot of pictures of sunsets and sunrises over the ocean.

Love you all very, very much. ❤ ;


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